My Green Kauai Wedding Planner

So after the proposal, what’s next? 15 years ago, When I first started planning weddings, I went to the bookstore or library searching for wedding books, planners and bridal magazines to research venues and plan a brides big day. Today, a bride can go online and find dozens of websites to help her plan her wedding. As one of the first steps to planning a wedding, I would suggest getting on line and checking out the different wedding websites and deciding which you like the best. Once you decide on the website, create a personal website/page on the site. I created a website on The Knot. I found that The Knot has a helpful wedding checklist to keep me on track. In addition to that, I uploaded a free wedding planning app to my iphone called Wedding Happy. (Isn’t that a cute name?) Finally, I have a recycled, three ring binder in which I keep all my important wedding paperwork; including vendor and venue information, decorating ideas and any other wedding ideas. As a side note, I am trying to create as “Green” and eco-friendly a wedding as I can, so limiting my paper usage is important to me. Most of my décor and wedding ideas are safely pinned on my pinterest. (We’ll get to that in another blog.)

In my next blog, I’ll talk about sharing the big news with loved ones and planning an engagement party!greenbinder


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