About Us

Bonni Cardoza, AWE Wedding Coordinator and Officiant and Paul Clark AWE Photograher and Wedding Officiant

Meet your coordinator and wedding officiant…

Aloha from Bonni, your AWE wedding coordinator and officiant.  Since 2000, I have had the honor of officiating and coordinating weddings in California, Washington State and  Kauai, Hawaii.

I have also preformed baby blessings, childbirth preparation ceremonies, ceremonial belly castings and  planned fundraisers/ events with bands/djs; planning everything from Dj/band schedules to food and decorations. I have coordinated women and children’s events for major holidays and festivals. I have also coordinated women’s retreats since 1995.

As you can see, I have a passion for bringing to life those most important rites of passage in a person’s life.  Marriage, coming of age, pregnancy and childbirth are all moments to be cherished and celebrated. I am honored to bear witness to your rite of passage.

One thought on “About Us

  1. I am from Las Vegas and attended the most beautiful wedding this weekend officiated by AWE. What an awesome wedding experience. Everything was planned in the most spectacular fashion. thank you to Bonnie and Paul for making my sisters wedding so spectacular.


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