Awe-Filled Offerings

clrk4302Kauai is such a beautiful place, just perfect for your special event…

Baby Blessings and Naming Ceremonies: A Baby Blessing and/or Naming ceremony welcomes the child into the family and community. The family, friends and relatives vow their nurturing support, love and guidance to the child and can present symbolic gifts as keepsakes.   Such ceremonies further serve to deepen our awareness of the special gift and responsibility that children are in our lives.

Childbirth Preparation Ceremonies: There are many events that celebrate the birth of a baby but not many that celebrate the woman as she enters motherhood.  Childbirth is a major rite of passage for women and should be celebrated as a sacred event.  A Childbirth Preparation Ceremony celebrates the mother’s rite of passage from maiden to mother and celebrates the woman’s innate power to bring life into the world through her body temple.

Ceremonial Belly Castings: Celebrate the beauty of our growing belly and create a keepsake of your pregnancy with a belly casting. Included with this service is a ceremony similar to a baby blessing in which participants honor the mother and bestow blessings on the unborn baby as the casting is being created.

Commitment Ceremonies: A commitment ceremony is a way for a couple to show their dedication to one  another without the legal confines of marriage. Commitment ceremonies are used  when couples are not legally allowed to marry but may also be used by those who  do not care to follow the standard marriage contract. These ceremonies celebrate  a couple’s love and commitment without the requirements of marriage.

Handfastings: An alternate form of marriage ceremony. It dates back hundreds of years, and spans several cultures. In some cultures (as in the Scottish Highlands), it was a betrothal of a “year and a day,” after which the permanent ceremony is held. In this ceremony the couples hands are bond with a ribbon or cord,which gives us the expression “Tying the Knot.”

Pregnancy Photos: 1-3 hours photo session to capture the beauty of your growing belly.  Best when taken later in pregnancy after 35 weeks.

Family Portraits: 1-3 hours photo session,  CD and/or prints available.

Honeymoon Photos: 1-3 hour photo session, CD and/or prints available.

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