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clrk6687AWE enables us to see in the world intimations of the divine, to sense in small things the beginning of infinite significance, to sense the ultimate in the common and the simple, to feel in the rush of the passing the stillness of the eternal.  Abraham Joshua Heschal

To get married in Hawaii, a Marriage License must be received before the Wedding from the Department of Health, or from one of the several Health Department Agents on Kauai who are authorized to issue Marriage Licenses.

No blood tests (or divorce records*) are required, only valid photo ID’s and $60 payment or proof of payment.

*IMPORTANT: If you are under 19 years of age, or were recently divorced (last month), please bring more documentation to prove you are eligible to marry (ie. Birth Certificate, recent Divorce Records).

Single persons 18 years of age and above may marry without parental consent. Wedding packages do not include a Marriage License, which can only be obtained by the Bride & Groom after appearing in person together to apply.

No assistance is necessary to get a Marriage License, just a simple one-page Application form (which only the Bride & Groom can fill out).

To apply for a Marriage/Civil Union License  please visit:


Prior to completing the marriage or civil union application, be sure to review the marriage or civil union requirements for obtaining a license;

• It’s highly recommended that couples complete the online application with payment by credit card before meeting with an agent;

• After online payment, click “Continue” on the payment receipt page to obtain the Locator ID and a list of marriage agents on the specified island of ceremony

Hawaii Department of Health  KAUAI DEPT. OF HEATH – 808-241-3498

Please be sure to bring your Marriage License with you to your Wedding. The Minister will sign your Marriage License and file it with the Kauai Department of Health. For more information about obtaining a Marriage License on Kauai, call the Kauai Department of Health at 808-241-3498 or 808-241-3495.

Getting your Marriage License on Kauai is quick and easy. There are several Health Department Agents on Kauai who are authorized to issue your Marriage License. To make an appointment for your Marriage License,


KAWAIHAU (KAPAA/WAILUA) DISTRICT – WALTER (KAMIKA) SMITH III 808-821-6887 (Smith’s Boats Office), JOY BUCCAT 808-652-0834 currently limited to weekends and Wednesday night; subject to change.

LIHUE DISTRICT – JILL KOSEN     808-246-2779 located at Photo Spectrum on Umi St.

KOLOA DISTRICTELLEN O’CONNELL     808-742-7305 located at the Wine Shop in Koloa.


NOTE: All meetings with agents are by appointment only.  Please contact the agent nearest you to schedule an appointment.

To apply for a Marriage/Civil Union License or visit https://marriage.ehawaii.gov

Please take note of three important terms and their meanings: – Marriage License Application: A one-page form you must fill out and bring to the Department of Health (or Health Dept. Agent), along with your ID’s and $60.00 processing fee (cash only or credit online at DOH), to receive your Marriage License. – Marriage License: The Dept. of Health will give you a MARRIAGE LICENSE, which you need in order to get married in Hawaii. Bring that with you for the Minister to sign at your Wedding. – Marriage Certificate: The Dept. of Health will mail you your official MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE after they process your Marriage License (signed by the Minister) following your Wedding.

Your official Marriage Certificate will take a few months to arrive by mail, though you may order an official copy of your Certificate by filling out the “Green Form” ( Marriage Records Request). The official Marriage Record arrives faster than the original Certificate, and may be used to make name changes or acquire new ID’s. The cost is $10.00 (money order when ordering by mail, or cash in person).

*Please do not confuse your official MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE (from the State of Hawaii) with your souvenir Wedding Certificate included in many of our Wedding Packages.

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