Rhythm Fire Dance Video by Clark Elements

Beautiful video created by my photographer Paul! Rhythm fire dance is available for hire!! Consider them for your next special event!

Aloha Wedding Experience Video

Aloha From Kauai,

Check out my first video. Aloha Wedding Experience!


Engagement Party Invitations

Aloha from Kauai,

Todays blog – engagement party invitations! It took less than 30 seconds after leaving the beach where Paul proposed, for me to get on the phone and call my Kauai BFF, Channon and give her the wonderful news. She and her husband, Jason have known Paul for over 10+ years. Jason is one of Paul’s best buddies and Channon (although I have not known her as long as Paul) is definitely my soul sista. Channon has been with me ever step of the way, helping to plan this wedding.

Our first order of business, the engagement party! Which she and Jason lovingly offered to host! Channon chose a condo at Pu’u Poa, a beautiful location in Princeville, Kauai with an incredible view of the ocean. I’ll be adding pictures of the engagement party in the next blog.

After all the details of location, time and date were decided, Channon and I went to work creating an invitation. I found the perfect design online at www.weddingchicks.com. I love this website. The free fill-able invitation was super easy to create.

All the materials used in making the invitations were leftovers from pervious art projects. The invitations were printed on recycled paper and Channon brought beautiful stencils and glitter for us to use to decorate the invitations. We created about 25 invitations, which I hand delivered to most guests.

For this project, I think I spent about $4 on postage. Of course it took time, but that was the fun part! Giggles and good times with a friend – priceless!

Here is a picture of the finished invitations.


I did send out text invites with a photo of the invitation to guests as well. That actually worked awesome. People were able to RSVP right away after seeing the text.

I have to say a special thank you to Channon for helping me to create the invitations, for making all the phone calls to guests, for coordinating such an amazing, fun evening/weekend and most of all, for being such a light in my life! I love you Boo!

For everyone else, thanks for reading and stay tuned! I’ll be starting a video blog soon with tutorials on making wedding decorations, bouquets and best of all, the start to finish process of designing and making my wedding dress.

Lastly, check out Channon and Jason’s business Hawai’i Volcanic.  That’s GOOD water for the soul!

Aloha from – Aloha Wedding Experience! Your Kauai Wedding Planning Service!

Brilliant Earth on Kauai- My ethicially sourced engagement ring

Aloha from Kauai! I have to back track a second and talk about my beautiful engagement ring. My dear PC was so thoughtful when choosing my engagement ring. (ok, I admit it, I dropped a few dozen hints!) The point is he listened! He knew how important it was to me to have a conflict free diamond. My Brilliant Earth diamond is from Russia and is beyond conflict free! CLRK6612brilliantearth


The perfect ring for our eco-friendly, green and also conflict free wedding….